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Riptide Fourteen Days
Credits: Brian hEadhra; arranged by Brian hEadhra, Aime Leonard, Treasa Harkin & Neil Davey
Appears On: Riptide
Language: English


Fourteen days now I have been running
From a prison far from here
To my lover I must go now
To live without her I cannot bear

I was a poor man in search of labor
The days had ended down in the mines
For stealing silver I was imprisoned
There was no work here to be found

I robbed a rich man of his purse of money
To pay the rent to feed a poor mouth
I was trembling as I drew the dagger
Oh my God, what have I done?

They caught and bound me, mocked and scorned me
And said my true love I'd see no more
Into the darkness I did stumble
But I escaped from that den of woe

Now I must find her, ma belle Louise
If you should see her, say this for me
"Please forgive me, and when I find you
I'll take you far away from here"