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Riptide Kjetil's Song
Credits: Kjetil Haugbro & Brian hEadhra; lyrics by Brian hEadhra; arranged by Brian hEadhra, Aime Leonard, Treasa Harkin & Neil Davey
Appears On: Riptide
Language: English


Wind blows through the tree
Of dreams of doubt
Leaves softly falling
Some days never end
They stay with you for life
The fire's burning on

Chorus (after each verse):
And I will always seek
And try to understand
Why this earth is turning
'Round and 'round my mind
The questions will remain
And fall down into the earth again

Sun shines on a sea
Of fear and hope
The waves gently rolling
Some nights seem so long
I feel they'll never end
With longing in my heart

Time breathes on a city
That crumbles to the ground
And rises in glory
I tread through the streets
Of shadow and light
And know it never ends