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Riptide This Time
Credits: Brian hEadhra; lyrics by Brian hEadhra & Aime Leonard; arranged by Brian hEadhra, Aime Leonard, Treasa Harkin & Neil Davey
Appears On: Riptide
Language: English


News has just broken
It's out in the open
It's happening every day
Someone is lost
Someone is found
Something is learned on the way

The words fly around
And I've heard them before
But it's new and it's real this time
Give me the strength
To say what is right
Or we'll fall

Chorus (after each verse):
Only you, only you
Can make it real for me
How can I, how can I
Make it real for you?
I will give what I can
And take what I find

People have said
That love is a game
But the rules have never been clear
There's love and there's loss
And you know you're alive
When you feel it again and again

And the shadows fall away
From the room inside your heart
Take a step and you will see
An eternity

What I find