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Deep Dead Blue Nobilis Humilis
Credits: Arranged by Michael McGlynn
Appears On: Deep Dead Blue
Language: Latin

Lyrics: English Translation:
Superba namque colla gentilium Indeed he has laid low the proud necks of the gentiles
Virtute Sancti Spiritus humiliavit By the strength of the Holy Spirit
Nobilis humilis, magne martyr stabilis Oh noble, humble, great and steadfast martyr
Serva carnis fragilis mole positos Placed beneath the burden of frail flesh
Praeditus, caelitus, dono sancti spiritus Well-favored, heavenly, by the gift of the Holy Spirit
Vivere temere summo caves opere With the greatest effort you beware of living rashly
Carnis motus premere, studes penitus You endeavor deep within yourself to suppress the motions of the flesh
Ut carnis in carcere, regnet spiritus So that the spirit may reaign in the prison of flesh
Turbidus, invidus, hostis Haco callidus Hakon the turbulent, envious and cunning adversary
Sternere, terere, tua sibi subdere Desires to scatter what is yours, to crush and subject it to himself
Te cupit et perdere, doli spiculo And to destroy you by the barb of treachery
Luncto fraudis federe, pacis osculo By the compact of treason joined, by the kiss of peace