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Deep Dead Blue Quem Queritis
Credits: Arranged by Michael McGlynn
Appears On: Deep Dead Blue
Language: Latin

Lyrics: English Translation:
Alleluia... Alleluia...
Quem queritis ad sepulchrum Who are you looking for at the sepulchre
O Cristicole? Oh followers of Christ?
Ihesum Nazarenum crucifixum Jesus the Nazarene
O celicola Oh you of heaven
Surrexit, non est hic, sicut dixit He has arisen and is not here, as He told you
Venite et videte locum ubi positus fuerat Come and see the place where He was laid
Alleluia... Alleluia...
Alleluia, resurrexit Dominus Alleluia, the Lord is risen
Alleluia, resurrexit Dominus hodie Alleluia, the Lord is risen today
Resurrexit potens, fortis Cristus, filius Dei The powerful and strong Christ, son of God, is risen
Et euntes dicite discipulis eius As you leave, say to his disciples
Et Petro quia surrexit And Peter that he has arisen
Eya, pergamus propere mandatum hoc perficere Eya, let us go and fulfill this command
Alleluia... Alleluia...