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Shine I Misunderstood
Credits: Richard Thompson
Appears On: Shine
Language: English


He said, "Darling, I'm in love with your mind
The way you care for me, it's so kind
Love to see you again, wish I had more time"
He was laughing as he brushed my cheek
"Why don't you call me, baby? Maybe next week
Promise now, cross your heart and hope to die"

But I misunderstood
But I misunderstood
But I misunderstood
I thought he was saying, "Good luck"
He was saying, "Good-bye"

Things I tried to put shine in his eyes
Wire wheels and shimmering things
Wild nights when the whole world seemed to fly
He said, "The thing that's so unique
When we're together, we don't have to speak
We'll always be such good friends, you and I"