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Perfect Time The Light On The Hill
Credits: Máire Brennan & Denis Woods
Appears On: Perfect Time
Language: Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) & English

Lyrics: English Translation:
Low ro ho ro Low ro ho ro
Glór na Gael The Irish voice
Low ro ho ro Low ro ho ro
Éist le glór Dé Listen to God's voice
A sea journey takes him across
Takes our hero across
With the word in his heart
Lonely he prayed on the hill
Night and day, a hundred times
A hundred times and more
And the voice he heard calling
To plant the light of life
The light on the hill
(Chorus 2x)  
A mission of faith sounds the bell
Brought a holy man with dreams
With his dreams for this island
Letters he left to declare
This was his promised land
It's the land that was chosen
The voice and his message
Still lives a thousand years
A thousand years and more
(Chorus 3x)