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Two Horizons Sailing Away
Credits: Moya Brennan, Ross Cullum & Fionán deBarra
Appears On: Two Horizons
Language: English & Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sailing away to deeper oceans
Hearts are weary, these sleepless nights are hard
But I'm still longing for the hand that led me
Where I had spent my youth away
D'fhág mé slán ag na daoine' tá fágtha I said farewell
'San talamh a rugadh mé To everyone I love
D'fhág mé slán ag daoine istigh i mo chroí And the land that
Sin mar a bheas chóiche I'll never see again
Sweeping the waves to foreign mountains
Strange and lonely, I struggle to be brave
How I tremble remembering your brown eyes
Don't let my memories fade away