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Two Horizons Tara
Credits: Moya Brennan & Ross Cullum
Appears On: Two Horizons
Language: English & Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
I know where to go tomorrow
Where tears will not find me
And I'll give you this song
When autumn rays come down
Ring out the bells on Tara
My destiny in your hands
I'm waiting at the crossroads, waiting for you
With the blossoms around us, promising true
Dreaming on the high wind, dream it for you
And return to our lost ocean blue
I want to believe forever
Sleep softly beside me
And I'll give you this heart
When morning dew falls down
Stood by the hill of Tara
Feel the love in the land
Éist fuaim an chláirseach Listen to the sound of the harp
Ar bharr Teamhair On the Hill of Tara
Seo chugaibh an tArd rí The High Kings have arrived
Ar bharr Teamhair On the Hill of Tara