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Secret People Four Stone Walls
Credits: John Saich
Appears On: Secret People; Dusk Till Dawn
Language: English


We are born of ancient family
Living here all our days
And though we love our scenery
Wouldn't we just love somewhere to stay?
It's an order for eviction
And I can't believe I'm seeing what I see

If it kills I will surround myself
With four stone walls
A little pride upon the shelf
And four stone walls around me

And they came to meet you, one and all
With big words in the village hall
Getting older, looking back
Still the fact is nothing changed at all
Never charity we seek, just honest wages
Once a week and a place called home


To whom it will concern within your office
Wouldn't you wish more than this, a caravan
Pushed aside, forgotten land
For me and my kind

(Chorus 2x)