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To The Moon The Price Of Fire
Credits: John Saich
Appears On: To The Moon
Language: English


I would know your face
In this wild enchanted place
Come to me and be still
And we'll dream of the wild horses
Running free with the wild horses

From my dream I awake
Just one wish I have to make
If I hold you again
In these arms when the war is over
Will you stay when the war is over?
For a lifetime and then
Until the world begins again

Well, now I know it's the price of fire
To love you like I do in these chains
With the pleasure and the pain
It's nothing more than the price of fire
To feel so good and so afraid
I touch the flame and I can't look away

My world is turning in your hand
The skies are burning
Now the dream becomes the man

I can hear your voice
Now I'm sure I've made my choice
Take this heart where you will
And we'll be gone with the wild horses
Just you and me and the wild horses