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Secret People Stinging Rain
Credits: Manus Lunny
Appears On: Secret People; Cåpèrçaillie
Language: English


You paint me pictures that fade so fast
To try and fool me
You give me words that will never last
But you won't rule me

I shield my skin from the stinging rain
My eyes I cover
I walk across these privileged fields
To the sound of the clumsy lover

If you think you can hold me down
I beg to differ
If you think you can twist my words
I'll sing forever

You cannot change a mother's love for her child
With the ill you bring
You're sending gifts that nobody wants
With the cool fresh winds of spring


You change your shape and you change your face
So I can't see you
You travel from a different land
But I can feel you

(Chorus 2x)