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Magical Ring Passing Time
Credits: Pól Ó'Bhraonáin & Ciarán Ó'Bhraonáin
Appears On: Magical Ring
Language: English


You can win or lose and be excused
The sudden change of plan
As a __ reality, it's very clear
But a loser always loses in the end
Always in the end

For a long time now
I'm passing time
Still I know somehow
I'll learn to try
I'm passing time

You may ask for gifts, just anyone
The right __
I'm not so sure it's anything at all
For a loser is still losing in the end
Losing in the end

(Chorus 2x)

Yes, I am aware of passing time
Without a care in sight
I can feel the changes coming very soon
And a loser won't be losing in the end
Losing in the end


Passing time
Passing time