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Scotland The Real Men O' Worth
Credits: Archie Fisher
Appears On: Scotland The Real (compilation)
Language: Scots-English
Other Versions: "Men Of Worth" on Mary Black's album Collected


Leave the land behind, laddie, there's better days to find
The companies have the money and they'll soon teach you the skill
There's green fields far away, lad, at the forties and the brae
Be a mudman or a roustabout, ye'll soon learn how to drill
But who will tend my sheep when I'm far o'er the deep?
On the Neptune or the Seaquest when the snows come to the hill

Leave the fishin trade, lad, there's money tae be made
The handline and the Shetland yawl are from a bygone day
Come tae Aberdeen, lad, see sights ye've never seen
Be a welder on the pipeline or a fitter at Nigg Bay
But when the work is o'er and my boat rots on the shore
How will I feed my family when the companies move away?

There's harbors to be built, lad, an rigs to tow an tilt
That sit upon the ocean bed like pylons in the sea
There's pipelines to be laid an a hundred different trades
That'll give a decent livin wage to the likes o' you and me
I ken ye're men o' worth, ye're the best men in the north
Not men of greed, but men who need the work that's come yer way

From Flutta tae Kishorn a new industry is born
Now Peterhead and Cromarty will never be the same