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The Future Sound Of Gaeldom Track 1
Credits: Arranged by Croft No. Five
Appears On: The Future Sound Of Gaeldom (compilation)
Language: English


I have a feeling we're going to be in for a shock
As our good mother nature gives us a knock
To take the wind from our sails and the smile from our face
To make us all realize our insignificant place
On the surface of this life-giving lump of rock

She's got forces at her disposal no army could muster
We'll be swept cleanly aside by her celestial duster
When she comes __ing with her universal spring clean
We might find we'll be able to see what it means
The weather, the warnings and the __

For centuries now we've been increasing her rage
Invention, advancement, the industrial age
We drill her and mine her, pillage and plunder
Too few of us ever sit in silent wonder
And the peoples who do we would lock in a cage