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Ruith Na Gaoith An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Arthur Cormack & Blair Douglas
Appears On: Ruith Na Gaoith
Language: GÓidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
SŔist: Chorus (after each verse):
An cluinn thu mi, mo nighean donn? Will you listen to me, my brown-haired girl?
DŔan Úisd is thoir an aire dhomh Listen, and pay attention to me
Tha mˇran dhaoin' 's a' bharail seo There are many people of this opinion
Gur ˛g an leannan domhs' thu That you are too young a love for me
Is ged bu liath mo chiabhagan And although my hair is gray
Na cuireadh sin fo iargain thu Don't let this distress you
Cha'n 'eil mi sean am bliadhnachan I am not old in years
'S bu mhiann leam bhith 'nad ch˛ir-sa And I long to be with you
Thar chuantan mˇr gun se˛lainn-sa Over wide oceans I will sail
Is bheirinn dhachaidh st˛ras dhuit And I will take home riches to you
Is bhitheadh tu gu d˛igheil leam And you would be happy with me
Ri d' bhe˛ ma tha thu de˛nach For the rest of your life, if you're willing
Nis sguiridh mi bhith 'm she˛ladair Now I will stop sailing
'S air týr gu fan mi c˛mhla riut I will stay with you on dry land
On 's fhad 's a tha mi e˛lach ort For as far as I know
Bu bh˛icheach leam do dh˛ighean Your ways are beautiful to me