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Nuair Bha Mi g Eilean A' Cheo
Credits: Mary MacPherson; arranged by Arthur Cormack & Brian Miller
Appears On: Nuair Bha Mi g
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Eilean A' Cheo" on Capercaillie's album Cascade

Lyrics: English Translation:
Ged tha mo cheann air liathadh Although my head has grayed
Le deuchainnean is brn With forgetfulness and sadness
Is grian mo leth-cheud bliadhna And the sun of my fifty years
Air ciaradh fo na neil Has darkened under the clouds
Tha m' aigne air an linadh My thoughts are filled
Le iarrtas tha ro mhr With a great desire
A dh'fhaicinn Eilean Sgiathach To see the Isle of Skye
Na siantanan 's a' che The elements and the mist
Tha crr 's da fhichead bliadhna It is more than forty years
Bho'n thriall mi uait gam' dhein Since I left you willingly
'S a chuir mi sos mo lon And I put down roots
Ann am meadhon baile mhir In the middle of the city
Is ged a fhuair mi iasgar And although I married a fisherman
A lon mo thaigh le str Who filled my house with wealth
Bu chuimhneachail mi riamh ort You are forever on my mind
'S bu mhiann leam bhi 'nad chir And I long to be in your shelter
Ach c aig a bheil cluasan But who has ears
No crdh' tha gluasad be Or a heart that beats with life
Nach seinneadh leam an duan seo Who will not sing this song with me
Mu'n truaigh' a thinig irnn? About the hardship which has befallen us?
Na mlltean a chaidh fhuadach The thousands who were cleared
Thar chuain gun chuid, 's gun chir Deprived of their belongings and their rights
Tha miann an crdh' 's an smuaintean The desires of their hearts and their thoughts
Air Eilean uain' a' Che Are on the Green Isle of the Mist
Nis, cuimhnichibh ur cruadal Now remember your hardship
Is cumaibh suas ur srl And keep your banner flying
Gu'n tid an roth mu'n cuairt duibh For the wheel of change will not go 'round for you
Le neart is cruas nan drn Without strength and hardness of fist
Gum bi bhur crodh air buailtean Your cattle will be in their folds
'S gach tuathanach air digh And every farmer will be happy
'S na Sas'nnaich air am fuadach And the English would be ousted
A Eilean uain' a' Che From the Green Isle of the Mist