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Ruith Na Gaoith Loch Na h-b
Credits: Donald Sinclair
Appears On: Ruith Na Gaoith
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Mar dhearrsadh greine maduinn Maigh As the morning sun shines in May
Do shemair crnadh glir Spreading its glory in the room
Mar sin thig cuimhn' air sealladh igh A happy sight comes to my mind
Le rachd graidh gu'm mheoir With a lovely newness
Ach thar gach fleadh do'm shil a bha But above each feast to the eyes I have seen
Thar fuinn is sil is neil Over land and seas and skies
Bidh speis mo chrdhe laidhe ghnths My affections come naturally to rest
Air illeachd Loch na h-Ob On the beauty of Loch na h-Ob
Air Loch na h-Ob tha maise naomh There's a sacred beauty on Loch na h-Ob
Nach fhaic mi'n taobh so 'n fhid Unmatched this side the grave
Air Loch na h-Ob tha tobar gaoil On Loch na h-Ob there's a beloved well
Na's cuibhre na smaoin na h-igh More fragrant than a maiden's thoughts
O'n sgthan neamhaidh soilleir subhailc From the heavenly, bright, virtuous mirror
O'n naoidhean suaineach stold' From the sleepy, settled infant
Ri grs na flathas ard tha saip To the divine grace which is reflected
Aig tuar-neul Loch na h-Ob In the clouded colors of Loch na h-Ob
Chan ioghnadh sruthan beinn a' fhraoich It's no surprise that heathery mountain streams
Bhi ruith le caoin ghuth chel Should run with a voice of gentle music
Cha'n ioghnadh bradan mear nan caol It's no surprise that the spirited salmon of the narrows
Bhi leumnaich aotrom og Should be leaping light and youthful
Cha'n ioghnadh leam an fhaoileag bhan I'm not surprised that the white seagull
Le gaol a snmh gu foill Swims lovingly and leisurely
Oir 's sonas uile dhaibh gu brth As all who come to rest
Bhi tamh an Loch na h-Ob On Loch na h-Ob will have eternal happiness
'Se cor na beatha dragh is streup The way of life is filled with strife and bother
'S an cois an streup thig brn And with the strife comes sadness
Ach chan eil galair gun a leigh But there is no disease incurable
Na'n robh e lir do ar n-eol Were it within our knowledge
An uair bhios smalan agus gruaim When sorrow and melancholy
A' dubhadh duairc mo neoil Darken and veil my face
Gheibh m'anam sonas fois is cluain My soul will find happiness
An uaigneas Loch na h-Ob Peace and quiet in the seclusion of Loch na h-Ob
A Loch na h-Ob a choisinn m'eud Loch na h-Ob, which has won my admiration
Mo bheannachd fhein ad choir I give you my blessings
Do shamhchair bheannaichte 's do speis Your blessed tranquility and your affections
Bidh'n dluths mo chleibh ri'm bheo Will be close to my heart forever
Mo dhurachd agus m'achainn bhuan My wish and my eternal request
Nach tathaich truaill do chors' Is that your shoreline never be defiled
Ach bhi 'nad shealladh maise 's buaidh But that you will look beautiful and virtuous
Gu'n teirig cuairt nan lo Until the end of time