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When All Is Said And Done Only Nineteen Years Old
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Danú
Appears On: When All Is Said And Done
Language: English


As I roved out walking one evening last May
A charming young damsel I met on my way
She had jewellery and riches, she had diamonds and gold
And she said she was a virgin, only nineteen years old

I quickly fell in love with this beautiful dame
I asked where she came from, and she told me that same
In three weeks we were married, and the church bells, they tolled
I was married to a virgin, only nineteen years old

On awakening next morning, I thought I would faint
When she scraped from her two cheeks a full pound of paint
And on her left shoulder a hump I behold
"Oh," sayd I, "You're a daisy, only nineteen years old?"

She pulled out her fingers 'til she left only three
She screwed off her right leg right over the knee
She pulled off her false wig, her bald head I behold
Oh good God Almighty, only nineteen years old

She pulled out her eyebrow which was black and sublime
She pulled out her false teeth which was only nine
She pulled out her glass eye, on the carpet it rolled
Oh bad luck and damnation to your nineteen years old

Now all you young fellas, when for marriage you go
Examine your true love from the top to the toe
And if you don't do that, like me you'll be sold
To a damsel not nineteen, but a ninety year old