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Think Before You Think Think Before You Think
Tracks: 1. Are You Ready Yet?/The Tailor's Thimble/Donoghue's Reel/I'm Ready Now!
2. Green Brooms/The Humours Of Kill Clougher
3. The Old Ruined Cottage In The Glen/The Morning Dew/Think Before You Think Before You Speak!
4. Paddy Rainey's Jig/Johnny Leary's/Winnie Hayes'
5. Fair And Tender Ladies
6. Peggy's Nettles/The Butlers Of Glen Avenue/The Mountain Top
7. The Cameron Highlander/The Blackthorn Stick
8. An Páistín Fionn
9. The Peeler's Jacket/The Millner's Daughter
10. The Outlandish Knight
11. Dinny O'Brien's/Tommy People's/The Small Hills Of Offaly
12. Banish Misfortune/Trip To Athlone/Trim The Velvet
13. Eochaill