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Spirit Soldier Laddie
Credits: Robert Burns
Appears On: Spirit
Language: English


I once was a maid but I cannot tell when
Still my delight is in proper young men
Some one of a troop of dragoons was my daddy
No wonder I fell for a young soldier laddie

The first of my loves was a swaggering blade
To rattle the thundering drum was his trade
His leg was so tight and his cheek was so ruddy
Transported was I with my young soldier laddie

But the godly old chaplin left him in the lurch
And the gun I forsook for the sake of the church
He ventured the soul and I risked the body
'Twas then I proved false to my young soldier laddie

Full soon I grew sick of my sanctified thoughts
To the regiment at large for a husband I sought
From the gilded spitoon to the fife I was ready
And I asked for no more than a young soldier laddie

But the peace it reduced me to beg in despair
'Til I met my old laddie at Canningham Fair
His rags regimental they fluttered so gaudy
And my heart did rejoice in my young soldier laddie

Now I have lived for I know not how long
And still I can join in a cup or a song
And while with both hands I can hold the glass steady
Here's to you, my love, my young soldier laddie