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Tríona Kitty From Ballinamore
Credits: n/a
Appears On: Tríona
Language: English


Oh when I was young and full of fun like many's a dashing blade
My own delight from morn to night was to court a comely maid
I'd walk with her and talk with her as thousands have done before
Oh but it's little I knew she would prove untrue, wee Kitty from Ballinamore

Young Kitty was tall and handsome and gentle as a dove
Ten times a day she used to say with me she was in love
Oh when she'd say this, I'd have a kiss, I would love her more and more
For without a lie I would then die for Kitty from Ballinamore

Oh it was her parents I must blame to leave her in such a state
Although I was poor, they couldn't endure for to court their daughter, Kate
Although I loved her dearly and told them o'er and o'er
For without a lie I would then die for Kitty from Ballinamore

"Well indeed, my love," says Kitty, "I'd rather be a soldier's wife
To dress myself in man's attire, go fight for all of my life"
So the very next day he sailed away and joined the foreign force
For without a lie he would then die for Kitty from Ballinamore

But I was not very long listed when a letter I did receive
And when I read the answer I thought I'd get some ease
But the very first line that I did read, it grieved my heart full sore
For young Kitty was wed to a farmer's son in the town of Ballinamore

So come all you pretty, fair, young men, a warning take by me
Don't fall in love with every wee girl that you see
For they'll tell you this and they'll tell you that and they'll do like they done before
They will curl their hair and leave you there like Kitty from Ballinamore