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On My Way Home I May Not Awaken
Credits: Enya; lyrics by Roma Ryan
Appears On: On My Way Home (single)
Language: English


When the warmth of the day becomes the night
Who could sleep beneath a strange moonlight?
No guiding star, so far from home

Walked the way o'promise to find but snow
Throughout, the voice of the winds brings nothing more
Than low echoes, so far from home

Even from a child, a wish is not enough
For me, for me the sky may fall
And even from a child, a dream is not enough
Could be, could be the sky may fall
Could be, could be the night ends all

No rains could weep as I have wept
To know a simple dream will not be kept
I am a child, so far from home
One by one the sky falls, I may not awaken