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Ln Dil Ill Ill Illean 'S
Credits: Traditional
Appears On: Ln Dil
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Ill ill illean 's Ill ill illean 's
Ill ill cha d'fhuair mi 'n cadal Ill ill I didn't get any sleep
Ill ill illean 's Ill ill illean 's
'S ann air madainn mhoich Di Dmhnaich Early Sunday morning
Dh'rdaich mi bhi aig a' bhaile I wished to be at home
Far am bitheadh na frolaigean sunndach Where there were merry frolics
'S fir 'gan rsgadh dol a shabaid And men stripping off to fight
'Illean a chaidil an oidhche Boys who slept through the night
Bithibh taingeil anns a' mhadainn Be thankful in the morning
Mise seo a' dreadh chrann I'm here climbing masts
'S sibhse 'tarraing srann fon phlaididh While you're snoring under the blankets
Nuair a thid mi Bhrigh na h-Aibhneadh When I will reach Brigh na h-Aibhneadh
Bidh mo chuimhn' air oidhche Shathuirn' I will remember what it was like on Saturday night