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Essentially Ishbel An Innis Aigh
Credits: Angus MacLelland; arranged by Ishbel MacAskill
Appears On: Essentially Ishbel
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Seinn an duan seo dhan Innis igh Sing this song to the Happy Isle
An innis uaine as gile trigh The green isle of whitest sands
Bidh sian air uairean a' bagairt cruaidh ris Though storms at times threaten severely
Ach se mo luaidh-sa bhith ann a' tmh It is where I love to be
Cit' as trith an tig samhradh caomh Where does summer come earlier?
Cit' as trith an tig blth air craobh Where do trees come into bloom sooner?
Cit' as bidhche 's an seinn an smerach Where does the thrush sing more sweetly
Air bhrr nan gan 's an Innis igh On the tips of branches, than in the Happy Isle?
An t-iasg as fiachaile dlth don trigh The most prized fish closest to land
Is ann ma chrochan is miann leis tmh Wishes to live about its shores
Bidh gillean easgaidh le dorgh is lontan Lively youths hunt it early in the morning
Moch, moch ga iarriadh mun Innis igh With line and net, around the Happy Isle
'S ged thid mi cuairt chun an taoibh ud thall And although I sometimes go to the mainland
'S mi 'n dil air uairibh gu fan mi ann And at times even think that I could stay there
Tha tladh uaigneach le teas nach fuairich A sad longing whose heat never cools
Gam tharraing buan don Innis igh Always draws me back to the Happy Isle
O 's gerr an ine gu'n teirig latha It is only a short time until the close of day
Thig an oidhche 's gun iarr mi tmh Night will come and I will want for rest
Mo chadal buan-sa bidh e cho suaimhneach My eternal sleep will be so peaceful
Mo bhios mo chluasag 's an Innis igh If I lay my head in the Happy Isle