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This Feeling Inside Cum Ar 'Naire
Credits: Calum & Rory MacDonald
Appears On: This Feeling Inside
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Tha na goidh ag irigh bho'n a mhchair The geese are rising from the Machair
Tha na h-ain a ruith 's leum air cl na h-chadh The lambs are running and jumping at the back of the fields
'S tha thusa nisd na d' chll 's bhile And you are now lost in the city
Ach na firaich gu brath nad' nar ann But never feel alone there
Sist: Chorus:
Cum ar cum ar cum ar naire Keep, keep, keep your attention
Air an iar 's air an ait a dh'fhg sibh On the west and on the place you left behind
'S cuimhnich cuimhnich gu robh agaibh Remember, remember that you experienced
Dualchas raid agus luachmhr ann A unique culture of great worth
Tha na soluis oidche' nisd nad' choinneamh The night lights are now before you
'S tha a ghalach 'nisd gach dth 's gach sorsa Your moon is now many types and colors
Ach na coimhead ach le aon sil oirre But look at them with one eye only
'S mu fg iad mealltach dll thu They can deceive you to blindness
(Sist 2x) (Chorus 2x)