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Causeway Eilidh
Credits: Phil Cunningham
Appears On: Causeway
Language: English


Many years ago when I was in my prime
I met with bonnie Eilidh around the harvest time
I courted her so well that she said she would be mine
And I won my darling Eilidh

As we were walking all along the golden sand
Sweetly she'd turn and hold me by the hand
She'd look into my eyes, and it made me feel so grand
To be with you, my darling Eilidh

Down to the glen where the wild eagles fly
Down to the place where my bonnie Eilidh lies
I'll brush away the tears and I'll try not to cry
As I think of my darling Eilidh

My life is fading with each falling grain of sand
Soon I must go to a far and distant land
I hope that once I'm there, I'll again hold the hand
Of my own dear darling Eilidh

Down to the glen where the pines, they grow tall
There I'll lie down and await the angels' call
For all I want to do is die after all
And be with you, my darling Eilidh

Sweet grows the heather on the side of the hill
Where I would go walking with my Eilidh McGill
I loved her then and I love her still
How I miss you, my darling Eilidh