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Cairistiona Lovely Annie
Credits: Arranged by George Jackson & Maggie MacInnes
Appears On: Cairistiona
Language: English


As I went a-walkin' one mornin' in May
I saw lovely Annie a-makin' the hay
And as she moved onwards, the grass on each side
Through a gap in the bushes my Annie I spied

I went to the Highlands to work by the day
But when I returned she was married away
Though she swore to be constant, both loyal and true
But now she's gone and left me, oh what will I do?

Far better transported, far better for I
For my mind turns to madness since my Annie's away
For she was my first and false true love, my treasure, my store
Oh Annie, lovely Annie, will I ne'er see you more?

Some people, they tell me love has me led blind
My master, he says he will have me confined
That he'll send me to Bedlam, bind me in strong chains
For your sake, lovely Annie, I suffer those pains

Come, all you stout heroes, take a warnin' in time
And never trust a red rose or a lily in prime
For the green leaves will wither and the branches decay
And the roots, they will torment you when the flowers fade away