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3 Ravens The Lang Road Doon
Credits: Steve Byrne
Appears On: 3 Ravens
Language: Scots-English


Chorus (after each verse):
Far are ye gan the day, my Willie-oh?
Far are ye gan the day, sae blithe and bonnie?
Gone o'er the knowe and doon the brae
Tae serve the king you were bound away
Fan will ye come hame tae oor Jamie?

Ah mind o' aw the winter's nichts
Ye'd keep me frae hairm
The lang warm days in the summer's licht
Doon on Hully's fairm
Fan ye an' me wid be sae free
Frae thochts and frae cares
'Til the sairgeant, he cam roond
And took ye frae ma airms

Ah mind the day ye first cam by
Ye'd cam for the shearin
Dee ya mind how Ah caught yer rovin eye?
But noo Ah'm left here fearin
For noo Ah da ken fan we'll be
Back again thegither
Fur ye are far noo o'er the sea
Fan will oor bairnie see his faither?

Ah saa ye tak the lang road doon
Yer claes aw in a bun'le
Suin lost the soond o yer trampin shoon
Ma he'rt ta'en a tum'le
As Ah saa yer heid gang oot a sicht
As Ah luiked across the Mearns
Fa will bide wi me the nicht?
Fa will haud ma bairn?