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3 Ravens The Sound Of A Tear Not Cried
Credits: Karine Polwart
Appears On: 3 Ravens
Language: Scots-English


Two men came to your ha' door
And you did not let them in
And you did not care
What had brought them there
They were bones covered ower wi' skin

And when you looked again, they were five and ten
All sighing a sorrowful sound
Did you hear the knell
Of the warning bell
Or the howl of a hunting hound?

Then a hundred more came to your door
A-mutterin' and a-makin' their mane
Still you scorned at the skaith
You were aye sick-laith
To keep them fae the wind and rain

As the night's grew long, did you hear the throng
Roar like a ralliach tide?
Through the rising flood
Did you hear your own blood
Or the sound of a tear not cried?

They will wait no more at your ha' door
For their waiting days are done
And there's no lock nor key
That can hold back the sea
There's no chains on the rising sun