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Time To Fall All The Flowers Of The Bough
Credits: James Grant
Appears On: Time To Fall
Language: English


Hearts are meant to be broken, made that way
Love must have its trial
Beauty, hope and wonder could not be
Without doubt and pain and self-denial

All the flowers of the bough
They will fall and they will fade
But they resound in the distance of the days
Is life just a dance of happenstance?
I don't believe that

The wheel of the sky is rolling away from you
You can feel it fall
And it's not always easy, but if you try
You might see the genius of it all


If I could give you one thing
If there could be just one thing
I, I would give you dreams
We've got to realize we're only passersby
But you see, dreams survive all life's uncertainties


I don't believe that...