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The Dreaming Sea Move On
Credits: Donald Shaw
Appears On: The Dreaming Sea
Language: English


Imagine a place where you don't need a name
And you don't need a license to open your mind
Well, it's a traveling circus of jokers and clowns
A movie picture that's one of its kind
And this place is the only place
Where even the clergy dance in the rain
And I know if I was stronger
I'd change my ways and join the parade with you

From the backstreets of this island
Move on, move on
To the walkways of the mainland
Move on

Dirty faces and oily hands
But adamant of life so clean and so pure
And in a perfect world the rights of man
Could never betray the rights of the land
And this way is the only way
The pilgrims walk a trail of song
And I know if you were stronger
You'd change your ways, you'd join the parade with me


Deeper and deeper, my blood runs deeper
Under the skies of time
Higher and higher, my soul leaps higher
Over the clay and lime

(Chorus 2x)