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Time To Fall World Stood Still
Credits: Donald Shaw
Appears On: Time To Fall
Language: English


The day you left this island was a cold December morning
Tender was the redness of the sky
And all along the shoreline sang birds in blissful glory
I had never heard their cry before

And nothing can prepare you for the final parting words
As leaving marks its harshness on your mind
And I've been ever waiting for the day the world stood still
Waiting for the day you came to me

Waking in a new day to parodies of disillusion
Songs become your savior every day
With so many faces just holding on in borrowed places
Hoping for the day they make it home


Yours is the kingdom, the power and all its glory
Yours is the world to call your own
But careful child, hold on tight and pray your star keeps shining
Like a silver moon to guide you home again