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An Iomall MacCrimmon
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Alyth McCormack & Jim Sutherland
Appears On: An Iomall
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Tuireadh Mhic Criomain" on Mairi MacInnes' album Causeway

Lyrics: English Translation:
Dh' aidh co nan stc mu aodann chuilinn The mist of the stacks is about the face of the Cuillinn
'Us sheinn a' bheinn-shith a torman mulaid And the fairy woman has sung her sad song
Gorm shuilean ciuin san Dun a' sileadh Gentle blues eyes in the fort are crying
O'n thriall thu bhuainn 's nach till thu tuille Since you left, and will never return
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Cha till, cha till, cha till Maccrimman He will never return MacCrioman
An cogadh no sth cha till e tuille In war-time or peace he will never return
Le airgiod no ni cha till Maccrimmain With neither money nor possessions he will return
Cha till e gu brth gu la na cruinne He will never return 'til judgement day
Tha'n fhairge fa-dhoigh ln broin us mulaid The sea is full of sadness and sadness
Tha'm bta fo shel, ach dhiult i siubhal The boat is under sail but refused to me
Tha gairich nan tonn le fuaim neo-shubhach The noise of the waves, have an unhappy sound
Ag rbh gun d'fhalbh 'snach till thu tuille Saying you have one and will never return
Cha chluinnear do chel san Dun mu fheasgar Your music will not be heard in Dunvegan in the evening
'Smac-talla nam mr le muirn ga fhreagairt And the echo of the ramparts mourning in answer
Gach fleasgach us igh, gun cheol gun bheadrach Each handsome man and maiden without music or merriment
O'n thriall thu bhuainn, 'snach till thu tuille Since you left us and never will return