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Silver Sea Newry Boat-Song
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Conor O'Reilly & Cran
Appears On: Silver Sea
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) & English

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Gur h-e mo ghille dubh-dhonn He is my dark brown lad
Gur t mo chuilean runach You are my beloved darling
Gur h-e mo ghille dubh-dhonn He is my dark brown lad
San a'raoir nach d'fhuair mi'n cadal It was last night I couldn't sleep
Bha m fad 'nam dsgadh I was awake for a long time
Smaointin air an fhear a thrig mi Thinking of the man that forsook me
'S nach d'rinn feum dha chumhtan Who didn't keep his promise
He's gone, he's gone, my lover's gone
And left me broken hearted
Chuala mi gun d'rinn th Dhomhnaill I heard, Donald
Posadh ann an Niubhraidh That you got married in Newry
Domhnall Donn the people say
You've married down in Newry
B'fhearr leam fhin a bheith riut posda I would prefer to be married to you
Na cuid r a Phrionnsa Than to have the Prince's gold
I would rather have you, Donall
Than the gold of princes
Och nam och mar tha mi nochd Alas how I am tonight
Trom osnaidh 's mi gad iondrainn Sighing heavily as I long for you