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Mouth Music Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
Credits: John Cameron; arranged by Martin Swan
Appears On: Mouth Music
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Ch Mi Na Mrbheanna" on Talitha MacKenzie's album Slas
"The March Air" on Nightnoise's album Shadow Of Time

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
O ch, ch mi na mrbheanna Oh I see, I see the great mountains
O ch, ch mi na crrbheanna Oh I see, I see the lofty mountains
O ch, ch mi na coireachan Oh I see, I see the corries
Ch mi na sgoran fo cho I see the peaks under the mist
Ch mi gun dil an t-ite 's an d'rugadh mi I see right away the place of my birth
Cuirear orm filt' 's a' chnain a thuigeas mi I will be welcomed in a language which I understand
Gheibh mi ann aoidh agus grdh 'n uair ruigeam I will receive hospitality and love when I reach there
Nach reicinn air thunnaichean ir That I would not trade for tons of gold
Ch mi ann coilltean, ch mi ann doireachan I see woods there, I see thickets
Ch mi ann maghan bna is toraiche I see fair, fertile lands there
Ch mi na fidh air lr nan coireachan I see the deer on the ground of the corries
Falaicht' an trusgan de cho Shrouded in a garment of mist
Beanntaichean rda is illidh leacainnean High mountains with lovely slopes
Sluagh ann an cmhnuidh is cire cleachdainnean Folk abiding there who are customarily kind
'S aotrom mo cheum a' leum g'am faicinn Light is my step when I go bounding to see them
Is fanaidh mi tacan le dein And I will remain there a while willingly