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Shorelife Ruler Of The Tides
Credits: Jackie Joyce, Chic Medley & Martin Swan
Appears On: Shorelife
Language: English


That the night holds a mystery
Such that it flames curiosity
That we search to explain
That the cold and the silver scales
Of the moon and where it sails
That we search to explain

For we feel ourselves drawn into your beauty
Drawn in by the ruler of the tides

And the moon, it shall pass away
Casting a spell in its gravity
And we search to explain
While the tide and the earth remain
Drawn to a light we can't explain
May our search never end

(Chorus 2x)

Here in darkness, never day
Giving and taking its energy
Still we search to explain
As it changes, a waning face
Will appear to take its place
We can never explain

(Chorus 4x)