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Shorelife Tomorrow
Credits: Jackie Joyce & Martin Swan
Appears On: Shorelife
Language: English


In the garden of our life many things may grow
There's a time for cutting down, there's a time to sow
Seasons passing, the wind will change, clouds will cover the sun
Build a shelter from the storm, one that surely will come, will come
One that surely will come

We must nurture, we must labor
For our future we must cater
If this garden lays forgotten
Left to wither, there the beauty will die

What kind of world are we living in?
What kind of world?

While we hold to our yesterdays through tomorrow's dawn
We're only serving our memories while we hopelessly yearn
For the hour that disappears never to be reborn
We can only remember, we can never return, return
We can never return



What kind of world are we living in?...