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Shorelife World Is For All
Credits: Jackie Joyce & Martin Swan
Appears On: Shorelife
Language: English


See them standing on the corner
Little boys with so much anger
Handing out their bits of paper
Black on white, oh what a caper
They make a stand, they say it's right
Forcing others up to fight
Join their army of little people
Here's the church, but where's the steeple?

At the altar they do preach
Then brown their bodies on the beach
They say one thing but mean another
Then decide to take it further
Arm outstretched they keep the score
War is love and love is war
So here am I between two evils
Blue sea beckons in the devil

World is for all...

Little men with too much power
Standing in ivory tower
Take what the want from a culture
They steal your soul but they don't want you
Casting sticks and throwing stones
They pledge allegiance to their throne
But soon enough they'll lose their crown
And I'll watch their house come tumbling down

World is for all...

Do I fit? Do I belong?
Am I right or am I wrong?
To think that we could live together
Birds of a feather
This severed bridge, this broken link
Communication is not in sync
Who will win this tribal warfare?

World is for all...