Nightnoise - End Of The Evening

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At The End Of The Evening End Of The Evening
Credits: Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill
Appears On: At The End Of The Evening
Language: English


At the end of the evening as the sun is going down
And all the wee songbirds are making their last sounds
It's then I'm thinking of you, I close my eyes and see
I long for the moment when you'll return, a chroí

We'll go and watch the water and bathe in its bright charms
As the shiny waves of blue and silver roll, I run into your arms
We'll talk all that small-town talk and secrets of the heart
With the twilight all the colors fade, and we melt into the dark

I'm thinking of you, darlin', in the mornin', noon and night
But especially in the evening when nature seems so bright
Yes, it's then I'm thinking of you in the quiet of my heart
I hold you there a moment as though we'd never part