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Norland Wind The Shamrock Soil No More
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Kerstin Blodig & Thomas Loefke
Appears On: Norland Wind
Language: English


Oh while I live, I'll never forget the troubles of that day
When bound into a foreign land our ship got underway
My friends I left in Belfast town, my love in Carrickshore
And I gave to poor old Ireland my blessings o'er and o'er

Oh well I knew as off to sail what my hard fate would be
Gazing on my country's hills, they seemed to fly from me
I watched them as we sailed away until my eyes grew sore
And I felt that I was doomed to walk the shamrock soil no more

Oh where, oh where's the careless heart I once could call my own?
It bid a long farewell to me the day I left Tyrone
I wonder, will I return again to my love, my dearest friends?
No pleasure my old absent home can bring to me again