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The World's Room Mill O' Tifty
Credits: Traditional
Appears On: The World's Room
Language: Scots-English


At Mill o' Tifty there lived a man
In the neighborhood o' Fyvie
And he had a lovely daughter dear
Wha's name was bonnie Annie

Lord Fyvie had a trumpeter
By the name o' Andrew Lammie
And he had the airt tae win the heart
O' Mill o' Tifty's Annie

Lord Fyvie, he cam tae the mill
Whar lived bonnie Annie
His trumpeter rade him before
Even the same Andrew Lammie

Her mither cried her tae the door
Sayin', "Come here tae me, my Annie
Did e'er ye see a bonnier man
Than the trumpeter o' Fyvie?"

Nothing she said, but sighing so
Alas for bonnie Annie
She darena own, her heart was won
By the servant Andrew Lammie

That night as a' gaed tae their beds
A' sleepit soond but Annie
Love so repressed, her tender breast
Thinking on Andrew Lammie

"The first time my love and I met
Was in the woods o' Fyvie
He called me mistress, I said no
I was Tifty's bonnie Annie"

Her faither cam tae hear o' this
And a letter wrote to Fyvie
To say his dochter was bewitched
By the trumpeter o' Fyvie

Lord Fyvie, he came tae the mill
Sayin', "What ails ye, bonnie Annie?"
"Oh it's a' for love that I'm cast doon
For the love o' Andrew Lammie"

"Oh Tifty, Tifty, gie consent
And let yer dochter marry"
"Na, it'll be tae ane o' a higher degree
Than the servant Andrew Lammie"

"If she'd been born o' as rich a kin
As she is rich in beauty
I wad hae ta'en the lass mysel
And made her my ain lady"

"Oh Fyvie's lands are far and wide
And they are wondrous bonnie
But I wadna trade my ain dear love
No for a' your lands o' Fyvie"

At this her faither did her scorn
And likewise did her mither
Her sisters they did her disown
Oh but wae's me for her brither

Her brither struck her wondrous o'er
Wi' cruel blows and mony
He's broke her back on the temple stane
A' for likin' Andrew Lammie

"Oh faither, mither, sisters a'
Why sae cruel tae yer Annie?
My heart was broken first by love
Noo my brither's broke my body

Oh mither, mither, mak my bed
And turn my head to Fyvie
For it's there I'll lie and there I'll die
For the servant Andrew Lammie"