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Fit? Reres Hill
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Old Blind Dogs
Appears On: Fit?
Language: Scots-English
Other Versions: "Rare's Hill" on Mary Black's album Mary Black


Last year at Lady Mary's Fair when I was on the spree
I fell in wi' an auld sweetheart, a weaver frae Dundee
Her company I sought and won, and with her I did go
But I'll hing my heid in shame to say I proved her overthrow

We wandered east, we wandered west, we wandered roond the law
I said I'd see her hame that night, but hame we never saw
I kept beside her all the while, resolved tae hae my will
And by and by we lost our wye at the back o' Reres Hill

Noo fan we cam tae Reres Hill a thocht did come to me
"We can't go home tonight, my dear, it's far over late, ye see
But the night is warm and in my pooch I hae anither gill
So we can lie doon here content at the back o' Reres Hill"

I poured anither nip apiece, tae quieten her alarm
And fan we awoke next mornin' we were locked in each other's arms
She handed me the bottle anither glass tae fill
And she drank my health and store o' wealth at the back o' Reres Hill

Now may I never prosper and may I never thrive
In anything I take in hand as lang as I'm alive
If e'er I cause that lass tae rue the day I had my will
Success tae Lady Mary's Fair and the back o' Reres Hill