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Gathering Pace Said Johnny To Molly
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Relativity
Appears On: Gathering Pace
Language: English
Other Versions: "Molly And Johnny" on Dervish's album Playing With Fire


Said Johnny to Molly
"I am now going to leave you
And do not be grieved
At my going away
For the more we are parted
We'll always be true-hearted
And again I'll return
In the sweet month of May"

Said Molly to Johnny
"Oh I will mourn for you
And I will be grieved
At your going away
For you know very well that
Your absence does grieve me
I'm afraid you would die
In some strange country

I'll dress myself up
Like a neat little sea boy
Amidst awful dangers
I will stand your friend
And when that the lofty
High winds are a-blowing
My dear, I'll be with you
To plow the rough main"

"Your two little hands, love
Our ropes could not handle
Your two little feet, love
Our decks could not stand
Nor the cold nights of winter
You ne'er could endure them
So stay at home, darling
To the seas, do not go"

Her two little arms 'round
His neck she entwined them
And the clear crystal tears
From her eyes they did flow
And her lily-white hands
On the decks she kept ringing
Crying, "Oh my beloved
Will I ne'er see you more?"

Come all you pretty fair maids
That's inclined to marry
Oh never to place your
Affections on the one
For first they will court you
And then they'll deceive you
They will leave you as I'm left
To mourn when they're gone