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Relativity When Barney Flew Over The Hills
Credits: Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill; traditional lyrics
Appears On: Relativity
Language: English & Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)


'Twas a cold winter's night and the tempest was stormy
The snow like a sheet covered cabin and side
When Barney flew over the hills to his darling
He tapped at her window, where Katie did lie

"Adieu," said he, "Are you sleeping or waking?
The night's bitter cold and my coat, it is thin
For the storm, it is brewing, and the frost is a-waiting
Oh Katie Mavarney, you must let me in"

"Barney," cried she, she spoke through the window
"How could you be taking me out of my bed?
To come at this time is a sin and a shame, sir
It's whisky, not love, that's got into your head"

"A chuisle," cried he, "It's my heart as a fountain
That weeps for the love that might lay at your door
Your name is more white than the snow on the mountain
Barney will die to preserve it as pure

I'll go to my home though the winter winds face me
I'll whistle the notes for I'm __
And the words of my Kathy will comfort and __ me
'Oh Barney, a mhuirnín, I won't let you in'"