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Solas I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Solas & Johnny Cunningham
Appears On: Solas
Language: English


I wonder what's keeping my true love tonight
I wonder what's keeping her out of my sight
It is little she knows of the pain that I endure
Or she would not stay from me this night, I am sure

Oh love, are you coming your cause to advance?
Oh love, are you waiting for a far better chance?
Or have you got a sweetheart laid by you in store?
And you're coming to tell me that you love me no more?

Oh love, I'm not coming my cause to advance
And love, I'm not waiting for a far better chance
But I have got a sweetheart laid by me in store
And I'm coming to tell you that I love you no more

For 'tis I can love lightly and 'tis I can love long
And 'tis I can love the old love 'til the new love comes along
I just said that I loved you for to set your mind at ease
But when I'm far from you, I'll love whom I please

Well, I've gold in my pocket and I've love in my heart
But I can't love a maiden who has got two sweethearts
Your love, it lies as lightly as the dew upon a thorn
Comes down in the evening, goes away in the morn

Green grass, it grows bonny, spring water runs clear
I am weary and lonesome for the love of my dear
You're my first and false true love and 'tis lately I knew
That the fonder I loved you, the falser you grew