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Another Day Just You
Credits: Eamon McElholm; arranged by Eamon McElholm & Seamus Egan
Appears On: Another Day
Language: English


I'll never again be there when you waken
Be there when you open your eyes
I'll never again hear the words that you whisper
I'll never again see you smile
You will be there when I'm closing my eyes
Still in my thoughts, still on my mind
Holding my hand when there's nobody there

It's taken a while just to go on as normal
You've taken the light from my eyes
But I know that you're with me whenever I falter
Lately that's most of the time
Can't understand how it happened this way
Was this the plan from the very first day?
I once had it all, now it's slipping away

All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
Just you

Just you