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Celtic Woman One World
Credits: Downes & Healy
Appears On: Celtic Woman (soundtrack)
Language: English


I hear a baby crying
A sad sound, a lowly sound
I want to take her in my arms
And then I dry away all her tears

I see a boy who's frightened
A young boy with old eyes
I long to say you're welcome here
You can be happy now that you're warm

We're all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then you will find deep down inside I'm just like you

Loud voices raised in anger
Speak harsh words, such cruel words
Why do they speak so selfishly
When we have got so much we can share?

So let your hearts be open
And reach out with all your love
There are no strangers now
They are our brothers now and we are one

(Chorus 2x)

I'm just like you