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Colla Mo Rn H H Leagain
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Appears On: Colla Mo Rn
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
H h leagain, h h m'aighean Hi ho my pet, hi ho my heifers
H h leagain, h h m'aighean Hi ho my pet, hi ho my heifers
M'aighean ho leagain, h h m'aighean My heifers ho, my pet, hi ho my heifers
Mo chrodh laoigh air gach taobh dhen bhuailidh My cattle on each side of the fold
Faic an dris ud air an lonaig See the bramble bush on the meadow
'S i a' lbadh leis na smeuran Weighed down with berries
'S amhuil siud agus m'aghan ceudlaoigh Akin to my heifer of first calf
An t-agh is ciataich' de chrodh na buailidh The most elegant of all the cattle in the fold
'S mo rn sa an t-aghan caisfhionn The object of my affection is the white-shanked heifer
Cha 'n iarr i buarach a chur mu casan She doesn't need a fetter around her shanks
'Nuair 'bhiodh cch anns na somain naisgte When others would be in plaited collars
'S e sid' Sasuinn bhiodh air mo ghuailfhionn English silk would be on my white-shouldered heifer
M'eudail fhn an t-aghan caisfhionn My own darling is the white-shanked heifer
Thid dhan' bheinn is nach iarr i dhachaigh Who goes to the hill and won't want to come home
Cudthrom bainne air a casan A weight of milk on her, weighing her down
Is laogh a h-altrum le gheum ga buaireadh Her suckling calf tormenting her with its lowing
Dh'aithnichinn grsfhionn a tighinn air fire I'd recognize the brindled one coming into view
Leis a mheanbh-bhric a tha mu brighe With freckles on her breast
Rgh gur ro-mhath a thogail il i Oh how well she raises her young
A suas thar chich 's i an ceannard buailidh Above the rest, she is the queen of the fold
M'eudail ise a chrodh na tr seo Beloved is she among the cattle of this land
Bheir i dhmhsa am bainne prseil She will give me the precious milk
Gheibh mi cise 's gheibh mi m dhith I will get cheese and butter from her
'S nam biodh i uam gum bu mhr dhth i And if she were far from me, greatly would I miss her