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Colla Mo R¨n Tha Sinn A' Falbh
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Appears On: Colla Mo R¨n
Language: GÓidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
SŔist: Chorus (after each verse):
Tha sinn a' falbh, 's gum bith sinn a' falbh We are going, we'll soon be going
'S an t-Sealbh a bhith ghar c˛mhnadh Let fortitude be with us
Nuair thig an t-sýth a null on Fhraing When peace comes from France
Gun taing gu faigh sinn f˛rladh Without thanks, we'll get leave
'S b˛idheach leam a' dol san ruaig sibh Beautiful to me you going to the affray
'S buaidheach leam 'ur c˛mhdach And handsome to me your attire
Boineid ghorm is ite peucaig A blue bonnet and a peacock's feather
'S trom mo cheum on she˛l sinn And heavy is my step since we sailed
'S iomadh mÓthair tha gun mhac Numerous are the mothers without sons
Is piuthar tha gun bhrÓthair And sisters without brothers
Is nigheanag ˛g a tha gun leannan And young maidens without a sweetheart
On she˛l sinn thar sÓile Since we sailed over the sea
'S tha na h-ighneagan fo mhulad The young girls are dejected
'S tha iad uile br˛nach And they are all grieved
An liuthad saighdear b˛idheach dearg The numerous handsome soldiers in red
A dh'fhalbh a dh'arm Righ Se˛ras Who went in the service of King George
'S fhir as coireach bhith ghar togail And you, the man, responsible for bringing us up
'S bhith ghar cur an ˛rdugh And for keeping us in order
Nar fhada gum bi claidheamh cruadhach That soon a hard sword steel
Suas ri meall do sg˛rnain Will be up against your protruding gullet